Using Family Time to Combat Childhood Obesity

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There is no doubt that childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States today. The reasons for this problem are simple: overeating and lack of exercise. While the reasons for the childhood obesity problem are known, the methods to counteract it may not be quite as well known. Parents need to get involved and to make weight loss a family affair for the best chance of raising children that are fit and healthy. Following a few helpful tips can help parents to get the whole family involved with weight loss.

Kids need to get used to changes gradually: Rather than replacing their entire daily menu with all-new foods, start to slip some healthier foods into the menu slowly. For example, replace the dinner time sodas with iced water and switch from full fat milk to 2 percent or skim milk. Add more major changes, like fruit rather than candy, and you are well on your way to changing your children’s eating habits for the better.

Make family health goals: Try going for a walk as a family after dinner every night. When the family meets their goal for a week or more, everyone can feel united and proud that the goal is met.

Rewards are a good way to reinforce eating healthier and meeting goals. Avoid creating rewards that are food related in nature. Consider a family outing to the water park, amusement park, or go bowling. This gives everybody something to look forward to as well as a reason for your kids to feel proud of their accomplishments.

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