Top Causes of Childhood Obesity

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More and more children are becoming obese and having to resort to medical weight management programs to get healthy. The way you interact with your children can affect their eating habits for life. Avoid these 7 mistakes that can cause your kids to gain excess weight:

  1. Letting them pick what they want to eat. Your child needs you to introduce them to new foods, such as grains and vegetables. Left to their own devices, many children will opt for the least healthy option.
  2. Failing to set limits. Make sure that you manage your child’s portion sizes. Tell them how many cookies they are allowed to have. Set limits on visits to fast food restaurants.
  3. Allowing too many choices. If you make one child chicken fingers for dinner, and another child hot dogs then you are depriving them of the chance to learn to like new, healthier foods.
  4. Feeding your child only “kid foods.” Don’t automatically assume they will only eat hot dogs and mac and cheese. Try serving your kids fish, whole grains and a variety of vegetables. Take them to ethnic restaurants in Manlius. Broad eating now often means healthier eating as adults.
  5. Allowing them to be picky eaters. Require that they try new things to help them develop tastes for a wide variety of foods. This is especially important on a children weight loss program, since many of their favorites may no longer be on the menu.
  6. Worrying that your child is not eating enough. As long as your child is not at a dangerously low BMI, chances are, they are getting enough to eat.
  7. Disguising healthy foods. If you put cheese sauce on every vegetable, they will never develop a taste for the food on its own. Encourage your child to love broccoli and carrots on their own by treating them like a snack and showing your own appreciation for the vegetables.


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