Tips To Prevent Obesity By Cutting Sugar

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An excess of fat and sugar in American diets, as well as oversized portions, have often been blamed for the rising obesity epidemic. Unfortunately, these same habits can easily trickle down to our children. Sugar is especially attractive to kids but also especially dangerous to their health. How can you cut the sugar from your kids’ diet?

Tips To Prevent Obesity By Cutting Sugar

  • Buy unsweetened cereal – add fresh fruits to whole grain cereals for a tasty and nutritious start to the day.
  • Watch for sugar in fruit juices – avoid fruit cocktails or juices made from concentrate and only purchase “100 percent fruit juice”. Even those drinks should be diluted with water and given sparingly. Water is still the best drink for sipping all day.
  • Use fruits for desserts – instead of processed baked goods, enjoy the fruits of the season. Strawberries and watermelon make great sweet treats after dinner.
  • Cut the ketchup – a serving of ketchup contains about 1 tablespoon of sugar. Don’t put it on the table and your kids may forget it exists!

Of course, the best way to cut sugar from your kids’ diet is to cut it from your own. Practice healthy eating habits and you’ll set an example that’s easier to follow.


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  • Lee Maniccia says:

    I agree about all of this, I am so glad to be back with you, you kept me honest and I was always thinking when I knew that I was going to come see all of you. THANKS!