Tips For Fighting Childhood Obesity

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Dealing with childhood obesity can be tricky because you want to balance teaching healthy behaviors with protecting a potentially fragile self esteem. While it’s important to encourage proper eating and exercise, you want to avoid making a child or teen feel ashamed of their physical appearance. You also don’t want discussions about obesity to encourage an obsession with outward appearance. How can you address childhood obesity in a fun and healthy way?

Tips For Fighting Childhood Obesity

Practice what you preach: Be sure that you are modeling any behaviors you are trying to teach your children. Putting one member of the family on a diet can make a person feel isolated or flawed, especially if that family member is young.

Focus on what you can eat: Replace junk foods with nutritious foods and get your child involved in the shopping and meal planning. Talk about what you are eating instead of what you’re avoiding. Make a habit of seeking out new foods together.

Make family time active: Show your child that physical activity is a way of life by incorporating it into your family lifestyle. Instead of spending your family free time in front of the tv, at a restaurant or at the movies, go for a bike ride. Play a game in the backyard or rent canoes at a local state park. Have fun together!

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