Teens Losing Weight Need Mental Encouragement

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It is hard enough for teenagers to grow up in a society where looks and body image are held at such a high degree of importance. Now imagine having to grow up not only as a teenager in today’s society but as obese, too. Teenagers today are constantly surrounded by negative impressions or stereotypes of obese people. These pressures cause some teens to take a stance and lose weight so they can live a healthier and happier life.

Neither obese males nor females on a weight loss journey have it easy, but studies show losing weight for teen females does not always improve self-esteem. Researchers found that obese black and white teenage girls who transitioned out of obesity still saw themselves as fat despite their decrease in body mass. Losing any amount of weight is hard to do but making sure your mind stays positive during the process is another issue at hand.

Teenagers who are in the process of losing weight deserve mental health assistance, too. The process of losing weight isn’t just about physical change, it is about mental change as well. If you are a friend or family member of a teenager who is currently in the process of losing weight, make sure your loved one is receiving the mental assistance he or she needs.

Making sure teenagers maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit during the weight loss process is not always an easy task. Back-up assistance is often needed. Talk to your weight loss doctor in New York to make sure your teenager is receiving the mental assistance and encouragement he or she deserves. Just because it is their weight loss journey, it does not mean they have to do it alone.


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