Talk to your Kids about Weight Loss

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Statistics report that one in three children in the Unites States is overweight or obese. Yet even when they are fully aware that their children are overweight, many parents are uncomfortable with approaching the topic with their kids. In order to help your child develop healthy habits early on it is important that you take the time to speak with them about losing weight, and your doctor is there to help.

Not only do overweight children need discussions about the dangers of obesity, even children that are normal or underweight need to hear their parents talk about the importance of good nutrition, diet, exercise, and the dangers of obesity. Maintaining a normal weight is as important to the health of the body as is brushing teeth or taking baths, but somehow it has become a taboo topic to approach with children. Research has shown that parents are more likely to talk with their children about sex, drugs, or drinking than they are weight issues.

Parents worry that their child’s self-esteem will suffer if they talk about it or that the child will be embarrassed. Many parents also fear triggering eating disorders. But parents should consider that if the child is over the age of five, they are likely already aware that they are heavier than their peers. Many times though, the child has no clue what to do about it. By bringing up the topic gently parents can demonstrate to their kids that they understand and want to help them stay healthy.

However, the whole focus should not be only on the child’s weight. Parents should focus on the entire family having healthy attitudes toward food and eating items that will contribute to over-all health. Kids will not gain weight if parents are not buying unhealthy foods, so parents must lead the way. They should do this, not because little Joe has a weight problem and does not need any more potato chips, but because the whole family will be better off eating vegetables for snacks instead. The younger the child, the more likely they are to follow behaviors of parents. When you eat, it is important to ask yourself: Am I modeling healthy eating behaviors?

If you have a child who has a weight issue, finding a weight loss clinic in New York can assist you in turning around the lifestyle of your family. After all, you make your child go to the doctor when he is sick and to school every day. Having a healthy view of food is just as crucial to your child’s well-being.


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