Take Your Kids Outside to Lose Weight

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Take Your Kids Outside to Lose Weight

For obese and overweight kids, weight loss in New York State isn’t a game. Obesity has a huge impact on the lives of children, affecting their health, behavioral habits and social lives as they age. But the rules of weight loss are a bit different for children. Diet programs need to be designed to enhance growth and well-being so that children can lose fat while gaining muscle and strength. And when it comes to working out, most kids aren’t too excited at the prospect of a gym membership.

One of the best ways to get kids interested in weight loss is to make it fun, and face it: following along to a workout DVD in the living room isn’t fun. Kids are naturally resourceful, and the great outdoors is full of resources that can be turned into a powerful workout.

Here are a few fun ways you can start exercising outside together as a family:

  • Head to the park: Skip the afternoon on the couch and head to the park instead for a day of fun activities. Bring your basketball and shoot some hoops together, or spend some time on the swings, taking turn pushing each other as high as you can go. This won’t feel like too much of a workout but you and your kids will be active while having fun.
  • Go for a bike ride: Make family bike rides a regular outing, or encourage your kids to ride their bike with their friends after school instead of turning straight to the video games.
  • Walk some trails: Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature at her finest while getting some quality exercise. There are plenty of beautiful trails around DeWitt, Fayetteville, Manlius and Syracuse. Check out CNY Hiking to find a trail near your home worth checking out.

The more you incorporate outdoor activities into your family time, the more time you will spend working out. As an added bonus, engaging in activity is shown to promote bonding.

There are plenty of reasons to head outside to get more active. Heading outside to work out will expose you to vitamin D from the sun, which can boost your immune strength and give you more energy. The fresh air will make it easier to breathe—especially when compared to the stuffiness so often associated with gyms. Heading outside for a fun workout is free, and makes it much easier to disguise a workout as just another game that will help your kids progress towards living a healthier lifestyle.

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