Pizza as a Vegetable?

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With school lunches in their current state, the rising rate of childhood obesity is not much of a surprise. While many parents are pushing for their children to eat more and more vegetables, the fight for healthier choices has taken an odd turn—pizza is now considered a vegetable. Well more specifically, the tomato paste that is used to make tomato sauce that is on pizza now qualifies as a vegetable for public school lunch standards. This legislation comes as a response to a call for more vegetables present in public schools to provide children with more healthy lunch options.

Many parents may be shocked to hear that there children are being served pizza as a vegetable. What is more important however, is that parents take this opportunity to teach their children healthy eating habits. It is important for young children to develop healthy eating habits because the relationship that they develop with food during this early part of their life will often follow them into adulthood. Weight loss programs in New York can help you and your child to overcome obesity and live a healthy life that is free from the concerns of being overweight.

Pizza is not a vegetable. Instead of letting your child begin to think that the cheese and bread they are eating is a healthy choice, encourage them to eat more whole fruits and vegetables. Instead of sending your child to school to buy pizza and other processed foods, pack them a healthy lunch. Talk to your weight loss doctor for tips on healthy lunch options that you can send with your child to school to help them avoid overeating and filling up on unhealthy menu options that they may be receiving in their school cafeteria.


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