Parents Want More Physical Activity for Their Children at School

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Like parents across the country, those in Syracuse, New York, are concerned at the growing numbers of obese children. Parents are, however, frustrated because with the increased emphasis on academics and with frequent budget cuts, it seems like the opportunities for physical education are the first to go.

Recess, the most looked forward time of day for school aged kids, is the first to get trimmed back as school districts struggle to get kids more learning time in order to keep their school’s scores high and for children to pass the cumbersome testing processes.

When school budget cuts must be made, it is sadly often gym class that gets reduced or cut from the curriculum all together.

Childhood obesity is a problem every parent is cognizant of. Rather than having to turn to medical weight loss solutions, parents want more physical activities for their children while at school. Recent polls have indicated that a full third of all polled parents believe that their children are getting insufficient physical activity while at school.

Parents with their own weight issues are especially aware of their children’s activity levels. Many of them believe there isn’t enough playground equipment, gym classes are too infrequent and there isn’t enough time allowed for recess.

Experts agree with the parents. Experts believe that physical activity while at school is detrimental to keeping childhood obesity at bay and many studies have proven that frequent breaks from academics allow children to learn better.

This is a problem with no easy answer. If you’re a parent with concerns about your child’s activity level while at school, always bring it to the attention of the teacher and principal. Only by working with parents will schools be able to reach a resolution that works for everybody involved.

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