Motivating your Child to Lose Weight

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Keeping your child motivated to lose weight is a common problem that many parents in America are dealing with on a daily basis. Getting your overweight child to understand the importance of fitness and nutrition is a task in and of itself. But there are several ways to go about doing this without making your child feel forced to do it. Your weight loss doctor in New York can help your entire family to remain motivated as you work together to become healthier.

Before starting your child on an exercise program, you should first have them examined by a registered health professional. A weight loss specialist will be able to determine your child’s capabilities and exercise requirements. It is important to know your child’s limits in order to prevent them from getting hurt during certain strenuous activities. Your healthcare professional will be able to tell you what kinds of exercises are appropriate for your child based on their age, size and physical development.

As a parent, you should have a positive attitude about exercise and weight loss towards your child. Set healthy goals for your child and reward them for their accomplishments. You can help motivate him or her to exercise by participating with them during their weight loss journey. Parents who are overweight or obese are more likely to have children who are overweight. Although genetics play a big role in your child’s overall weight, they are far less likely to become obese in the future if their parents practice healthy eating and exercise habits.

Include exercise and healthy living in your family life as well. Have your child perform house hold chores that count as exercise such as mowing the lawn or washing the car. Buy them a bicycle or a skateboard for their birthday instead of the usual video games. You can also get the entire family involved by planning a family get away or camping trip that involves hiking or mountain biking. Research shows, that the more fun you make it, the more likely the child is to participate in the exercise and enjoy it than see it as a chore.


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