Kids Cook Monday Promotes Healthy Diet and Fights Childhood Obesity

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A new initiative designed to fight childhood obesity gets kids involved in making their own healthy diet.

The Kids Cook Monday is a weekly reminder for families to practice healthy eating at home and is an extension of the Family Day program founded by former U.S. Secretary of Health Joseph A. Califano. Family Day was originally created to promote both the health and relationship benefits of family dinners and time together. The Kids Cook Monday steps up the call to action to include a specific day and challenge for children.

Getting kids involved in preparing their own meals help them learn to take responsibility for eating a healthy diet. It also gives them an opportunity to learn about the foods they eat. Hopefully kids will be encouraged to try new foods, especially new fruits and vegetables that provide essential nutrition.

The Kids Cook Monday is all about creating healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Peggy Neu, President of the nonprofit organization that started the initiative, says,”We want to provide parents with the tools to continue Family Day throughout the year. By making an appointment each week to cook and eat with their kids, parents are more likely to make it a habit.”

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