Keeping Kids off the Couch

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Keeping Kids Off the CouchFight back against childhood obesity by getting your kids excited about exercise

Today’s kids have more distractions than ever, and most of them can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Tablets, TVs, computers, smartphones, videogames—for many children, playing with these technological diversions is much more inviting than anything they might do outside, and so they stay in and stay sedentary.

Getting kids active is one of the most crucial factors in the fight against childhood obesity in Fayetteville. Though children who are not naturally drawn to physical activity may be tough to get off the couch, it’s always possible to teach a child about the importance (and fun) of an active lifestyle.

There are many strategies that can help you accomplish this feat. If you’re ready to get your kids moving, start with these tips:

  • Try the non-traditional. Let’s face it: not every kid is cut out to be a quarterback. But there are countless exercise opportunities out there—you may have to look beyond the realm of everyday organized sports to find one that fits your child. With a little searching, you’re sure to find something that your child will love to do and may even help him or her develop a lifelong hobby as a result. Consider options like martial arts, dance, swimming, cycling and rock climbing—if your kids show an interest in something, do your best to help them explore it.
  • Lead the way. Kids often emulate their parents, so it helps to set a physically active example. Instead of sending your kids out to play, go out there and play with them; instead of spending the night parked in front of the TV, take the time to explore active hobbies of your own and tell your kids how much you enjoy them. Try planning family outings centered around physical activities—you can spend an afternoon playing catch in the park or head to a nearby trail for a family hike.
  • Make it cool. Your opinion of the hippest exercises will probably not mesh with your child’s. Pay attention to trends and your child’s changing interests—you may find a way to exercise that didn’t occur to you before. If your kid is glued to Tony Hawk skateboarding games, maybe it’s time to get him or her out there on a real skateboard (with a helmet and plenty of pads of course). If your kid loves kung fu movies, maybe it’s time for a martial arts class. For added cool points, get your kid to bring along a friend who shares the same interest.

When it comes to preventing childhood obesity in Fayetteville, it helps to get kids excited about getting on their feet. How do you encourage your children to stay active? Share your tips in the comments below!

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