Grocery Shopping With School Aged Kids

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Any parent who has tried it will tell you: grocery shopping with school aged children can be a pain. There’s usually whining, and crying, and begging for fruity flavored sugar cereals. But experts say that grocery shopping is actually good for kids because it helps them develop important life skills. How can you make grocery shopping with school aged kids more enjoyable for everyone?

5 Tips For Grocery Shopping With School Aged Kids

  1. Let your kids help make the grocery list. Get everyone involved in figuring out what you need to buy and what kinds of foods will make for healthy snacks and meals.
  2. Have kids find list items in the store. If you’re shopping with more than one school aged child, split up the list so that everyone has a few items they are responsible for.
  3. Put kids in charge of crossing off list items as you shop.
  4. Play math games. Older school aged kids can help you do price comparisons or guess at how much produce will cost based on the per pound price.
  5. Stick to shopping for groceries. No matter how well a grocery shopping trip is going, everyone’s patience has limits. Keep your trip focused on picking up food and save the rest of your errands for another time.

The key to making grocery shopping with school aged kids less stressful for everyone involved is to give your kids something to do. The less bored they are, the less likely they are to search for distractions.

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