Friendly Fruit and Veggie Tips for Kids

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It’s hard enough to get fruits and vegetables into your own diet – getting your kids to eat them can be an even bigger challenge. The good news is there are ways to help your children stay open-minded about fruits and vegetables (and maybe even eat them without complaint).

Kid’s Choice

Let your kids choose their own fruits and vegetables. Giving your kids some freedom at the grocery store or farmer’s market is an important step toward getting them to enjoy healthy foods. Children should have a natural curiosity about the different types of produce they see, and that curiosity can encourage them to try things.

Don’t tell your kids how to feel about certain vegetables or fruit. You may think Brussels sprouts are beyond disgusting, but if your child shows an interest in them, allow him or her to try them and make the decision independently.

Play With Your Food

Make food fun. Try to create fun recipes with funny names for the vegetables your child chooses. For instance, if he or she chooses broccoli, combine it with mashed potatoes and call it “Trees in Winter.” You can even add green beans for finger skis.

Involve them in the preparation. Allowing your children to help prepare the food keeps them invested in the process and excited about trying their creations.

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