Find Your Child’s Fitness Personality

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Find your child's fitness personality With childhood obesity hastily on the rise, the future health of America’s children has never been more important. Whether or not your child needs to lose weight, a balanced healthy diet and sustained physical fitness are the keys to his or her optimum health.

Parents aren’t able to shadow their kids sunup to sundown to make sure they maintain healthy actions throughout the day. Though school fitness programs and afterschool sports help keep some children moving, not all kids are interested and motivated to exercise. Making sure your child is active early on will help him or her to establish a healthy pattern of activity for later in life. Some health benefits of active children include:

  • Better sleep
  • Healthier body to fight off disease
  • Better posture
  • Increased concentration
  • Reduced stress

So how do you make children more interested in staying active? The key to making sure your child stays motivated and active is to find a fitness regimen geared to his or her personal interests.

For the Book Worm

If your child is more interested in school than afterschool sports, determine which subjects spark his or her interest and parallel them to fitness. For example, if your child loves science, try to set aside some time to talk to her about the physiological effects of exercise on the brain, heart, bones, etc. Use interactive tools on the Internet to peak their interest with illustrations, visuals, charts and graphs. Once your child seems eager to learn more, suggest heading outside to put some of her scientific knowledge of the body to the test. Encourage her to run, skip or bike and think about the positive effects exercise is having on her body. With enough time, she may take a true liking to one particular exercise and be more inclined to engage in it on a daily basis.

For the Music Lover

For some children, music may be the only motivator they need. They may not be listening to Madonna or Bob Seger, but their love for music can have the same effect as it may have once had on you. With a little encouragement, your kid could be dancing his or her way to sustained physical health. Dancing is an excellent form of exercise with mood perks to boot. Plus, dancing to music is a naturally fun activity so your child won’t even realize he or she is actually exercising.

For the Artist

Does your child love to draw, paint or doodle? Art may just be the key to unlock your child’s inner fitness hero. Take your child to one of Syracuse or Fayetteville’s art walks. Taking a long stroll through city streets observing local artists’ work may get your child’s heart rate going. If your kid loves to take pictures, take him or her to the park and let them borrow an easy-to-use camera to explore the surrounding nature. Briskly walking while taking pictures can really help improve your child’s portfolio and lung capacity.

No matter what interests your child, there is always a creative way to open his or her personal door to health and fitness. Helping your child discover a new way to love physical activity also helps them to establish healthy habits for life.

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