Exercise for Child Weight Loss

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Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in many industrialized nations, as food designed to encourage over-consumption is continually marketed to children, and exercise takes the back seat to sedentary activities. While nutrition is a significant part of the solution when handling excess childhood weight, knowing exactly what a proper exercise regimen entails for a child is equally as important. Dr. Scinta, a weight loss physician in Manilus, can help your child begin living a healthier lifestyle.

Strength Training:

Simple weight lifting exercises are a great way to help your child develop strong muscles as they age. Weight training is often recommended for teenage adolescents, rather than young children, as proper muscle development is necessary before you begin to build those muscles. While weights used in childhood strength training should, of course, be significantly lower, children who engage in weight training can strongly benefit from the increase in insulin sensitivity that it affords muscles, as well as the boost in metabolism. Body weight exercises such as pushups and squats are a great way to introduce simple weight training exercises without using any excess weight.

Children should only engage in strength training if you believe them to be capable of following the directions given and having enough coordination to accomplish the tasks set.

Moderate Exercise:

Walking should be a consistent part of your child’s exercise regimen, and you should always attempt to make the actual exercise an enjoyable experience. Programs for children’s weight loss in Manilus, such as the BOUNCE program by Dr. Scinta, focuses around fun activities, such as hikes through local nature trails and team sports. Bicycling, dancing or even martial arts training are all considered types of moderate exercise.


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