Cut Stress to Shed Pounds

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Kids have a lot going on. For one thing, growing up is hard to do. Combine that with homework, making friends and constantly adjusting to the expectations of a new age level, and it is easy to see where many kids can become stressed. According to the results of a recent study, kids that experienced added stressors, such as being exposed to family strife or poverty are more likely to become obese. For kids that have a heightened stress level, managing stress may be an important aspect of a plan to lose weight in Syracuse.

A recent study at Cornell University found that nine-year-old children who were chronically exposed to heightened stress levels were heavier by the age of thirteen than other children. One reason that was suggested for this spike in weight was that ongoing stress makes it more difficult for children to control their emotions and behavior, which could lead to poor eating habits later on.

Children that struggle with their weight are often more susceptible to bullying and social pressures to be thin. It is important to help children develop a healthy relationship with food, one that does not encourage the use of food for emotional stability. Children can develop a variety of outlets that can assist with stress management, including a sport team, a child weight loss support group or even developing a hobby such as learning to play a musical instrument. By helping your child to manage their stress, they may be able to overcome the underlying reasons for their weight gain.



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