Choosing Age Appropriate Sports for Children

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Getting your child hooked on being fit early on can stave away childhood obesity. Whether in your Syracuse school, a formal sports league or your own backyard, parents can help their child catch the fitness bug by encouraging appropriate kid-friendly physical or sports-related activities. While supporting activities or sports that your child navigates to naturally is best, consider age and maturity when choosing sporting activities for your child.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Children in this age group are beginning to feel more confident of their movements, and mastering basic ones at that. Sticking with unstructured physical activities, such as climbing, dancing, playing catch, riding a tricycle and supervised water activities will help keep them entertained, engaged and less distracted.

Ages Six to Seven

About this age, children’s coordination and attention span improve. It’s now a good time to introduce slightly more organized activities and ones that require some direction. Good physical activities for this age group include tennis, soccer, T-ball, softball, gymnastics and martial arts.

Age Eight and Up

At this age your child is ready for most sports. Contact sports may be introduced, if appropriate protective gear, such as helmets is used. Your child may request being part of an organized, amateur Syracuse, NY athletic sports team, but that’s not your only fitness choice at this age.

In particular, if you child doesn’t seem to be enthralled with organized sports, it’s still important to keep physical activity in their day in order to prevent childhood obesity. Indoor climbing walls or water parks are fun, and encourage time spent with friends. Shooting basketballs can get in some needed physical activities. Even the newer activity-geared video games encourage physical activities by promoting dancing, bowling, tennis and other activities.

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