Cholesterol Risk

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More and more studies are showing that kids’ health habits now are an indicator of how healthy they will be as adults. If your child struggles with childhood obesity, helping them make healthy changes now can reduce their chances of heart disease, high cholesterol and other health problems as adults.

By improving their diet and exercise habits as children, the chance of them having unhealthy cholesterol readings as adults is significantly reduced. In one study, only 3% of kids who improved their health habits had low levels of the healthy cholesterol HDL. By contrast, among those who only made moderate changes 14% had low HDL cholesterol levels. Kids that did not improve their habits at all experienced low healthy cholesterol levels at a rate of 26%.

You can help your kids improve their health by providing a good example for them to follow. Get regular exercise. The best activities are those you can pursue with your kids. Also, make sure that your eating habits reflect the healthy ones that you want your children to adopt.

Cook regular, healthy meals at home. Eat a nutritious breakfast instead of grabbing drive through on the go. If you show your kids that fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein foods are delicious, they will be more inclined to eat them themselves now, and prepare them for themselves when they are adults. Be assured that your kids will model the behavior they see from you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, there is help and support available. Consult with a Medical Weight Loss clinic here in Syracuse, New York in order to get help improving your child’s health.

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