Bone health Suffers in Overweight Children

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In the past few years the news has been full of stories and coverage of the rise in childhood obesity, and the risks that being overweight can pose to children and adolescents, from childhood diabetes to increased blood pressure and heart disease. Recent research from the University of Georgia’s Health Sciences Prevention Institute uncovered a new risk for overweight children, which as increased risk for weakened bones.

Childhood obesity can be a dangerous condition that leads to higher than normal fat levels in the blood, which adds to the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Childhood obesity is a particular problem, because once children become overweight early in life, they are less likely to lose weight later in life, which can lead to a lifetime of health problems.

Dr. Norman Pollock, a bone biologist and author of a study published in The Journal of Pediatrics(TJOP) states that fat around the waistline is particularly troublesome as a contributing factor to decreased bone mass. Dr. Pollack’s study in TJOP found that overall body fat doesn’t impact bone mass—it is fat specifically around the middle that had the highest contributing factor for weak bones on obese adolescents.

Teaching children at a young age about healthy eating and exercise habits is the best way to instill good behavior and health choices for a lifetime. But once a child or adolescent has achieved childhood obesity, this can prove to be very difficult. Oftentimes, medical weight loss is the best option to help get your child or teen back on track. Once a healthy weight is achieved through medical weight loss, then you can instill a healthy relationship to food and exercise to keep them at a healthy weight, and on the road to a healthy, long life.

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