6 Ways to Combat Childhood Obesity

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 17 percent of children and adolescents in the United States are affected by obesity. Considering that this stat has tripled in the last 30 years, it’s clear that childhood obesity is a growing epidemic not only in Syracuse, but in the entire country. This also provides insight into the growing interest in medical weight loss intervention for children.

Help your child build the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle by using these simple tips for combating childhood obesity.

  1. Sneak in healthy foods – Whether it’s mixing in pureed broccoli in spaghetti sauce or flax seed in hamburger meat, try making a conscious effort to sneak healthy foods into the foods your children like.
  2. Become more active – Going to movies and playing board games are a favorite pastime of many families. But in order to get more physical activity into your kids’ lives, try to incorporate a group family activity that requires movement like bowling, bicycling, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, and roller skating.
  3. Place rules on dessert – We all love desserts, especially our kids. Why not implement a household rule, that there won’t be any dessert allowed unless fruits and vegetables are eaten at every meal?
  4. Outlaw the remote control – While this may be quite difficult in our advanced technological society, remove remote controls so your kids have to walk up to the television to change the channel. After all, there’s was a time when televisions didn’t even have remote controls!
  5. Use fitness video games – Today there are a number of video games designed to serve a dual purpose: fun and physical fitness. Whether they are dancing to their favorite songs or playing virtual tennis with their friends, these games will help them to become much more active than sedentary games will.
  6. Provide incentives – If you are so inclined, consider offering incentives for trying new, healthy foods. One of the best ways to encourage your child to eat broccoli is by helping them to realize they actually like the food! While rewards work well for doing this, make sure not to use snacks as a reward as that may help your child develop a harmful relationship with food.


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