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Why Men Should Practice Yoga, Too

Yoga is a female-dominated fitness activity. When men think of yoga, they likely picture twenty women at a yoga studio donned in sweatpants. Each performs impossible bends and twists, discussing abstract ideas of “energy” and “prana.” It is not something men are particularly drawn to, especially since many of the necessary skills are weak or even absent in males. [Read more]

Go the Distance with Your Weight-Control Plan

Most people consider embarking on a diet or exercise program at some time of their life. When setting new weight-loss goals, most individuals shoot for the stars and start the process feeling highly motivated. [Read more]

Five Ways to Reduce Joint Pain Through Exercise

The Center for Disease Control estimates that over 15 million Americans suffer from joint pain. For many, this pain is caused by illnesses such as arthritis or gout. For others, the pain is derived from old sprains, breaks, or other injuries. [Read more]

6 Ways Going Outside Can Help You Lose Weight

Research has shown that spending time in the great outdoors reduces stress, strengthens immunity, and relieves pain. But here’s something else going outside can do: help you lose weight. [Read more]

6 Creative Ways to Help Kids Eat Healthy

It can be a challenge to figure out how to encourage your kids to choose healthier foods when all they seem to want is junk. Here are six creative ways you can try. [Read more]

5 Ways to Eat More Fruit

Whether you want to lose weight or just improve your overall health, swapping out candy, chips, and chocolate for healthy snack alternatives is a must. One of the healthiest and easiest snacks is a piece of fresh fruit. [Read more]

How to Choose the Perfect Personal Trainer for You

A personal trainer can help create a more personalized fitness plan for you. You want a professional that will help you meet your goals. To find the best personal trainer for you, use these five tips: [Read more]

Child Fitness: Helping Children Achieve Fitness Goals

Your child is your prized possession and means more to you than anyone can imagine. Yet, there he sits – in front of the video game system, spending his days playing a game that you have no idea what the goal is, nor do you even attempt to get it. [Read more]

7 Strategies to Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Weight loss is a tricky game, and sometimes you just can’t make your body go into weight loss mode as quickly as you’d like. Most doctors agree that the key to losing weight and keeping it off long-term is to lose one to two pounds each week. [Read more]

5 Things to Do Before Starting a Diet

Have you ever failed at a diet? Even people who have successfully lost weight and maintained their weight loss probably failed at more than one diet before finding success. [Read more]