Yearly Archives: 2016

Group Class Changes and Updates for 2016

Starting in March, Lorna is going to have an introductory topic for her first Monday, Tuesday and Thursday group classes. Her second group of classes later in the month, will be an advanced topic that compliments the introductory topic from earlier that month. This will provide a more enhanced overall experience for patients that want a better understanding of behavioral topics. We continue to see studies that show that understanding your behaviors is so important to learning how to lose weight and even more importantly maintaining your weight. [Read more]

Mental Pitfalls to Avoid When Losing Weight

Harold Geneen once said that “We must not be hampered by yesterday’s myths in concentrating on today’s needs.” This is a pitfall that too many people fall into during the weight loss process. There are countless weight loss myths out there, and the reason they persist despite all the evidence to the contrary is that somewhere, deep inside, we want to believe these myths as truths. [Read more]

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses synthetically developed hormones that are identical to the hormones in your body to balance your natural levels and production of hormones. As you age, the level of hormones, including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, begin to naturally decline. Many of the symptoms of aging are actually a direct result of these fluctuating hormone levels. [Read more]

Creating a Healthy Family in 2016

With the new year full of hope, many Syracusians have vowed (at least on paper) to improve their health. Why not tackle it as a family? Whether you have children struggling with their weight, or normal weight kids who just need to move more and eat better, here are some ideas that can help you get 2016 off to a healthy start. [Read more]

Workout without Realizing It

Moving more is a core aspect of any successful weight loss program. For whatever reason, it is also one of the challenges people will encounter when trying to lose weight. Exercise isn’t the easiest new habit to adjust to. Starting a gym membership can be expensive and requires working out around people you don’t know. Running or walking through your neighborhood takes a different kind of endurance and willingness to motivate yourself to get outside on your own. For a lot of people, the reason exercise doesn’t happen comes down to the simple fact that there isn’t enough time or energy in a day. [Read more]

Sweet Tips for Staying Healthy

Sometimes, eating right isn’t about managing hunger—it is about managing cravings. We’ve all been there before: It is just about time to call it a night and you are sitting on the couch watching TV. The house is quieting down and you are finally feeling calm and relaxed after a long day. You know it is best to just go to bed, but you can’t get the thought of a sweet snack out of your mind. [Read more]