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Surviving and Thriving during the Holidays

Holidays….hmmm. What can I say? They can be magical, glorious, stressful, depressing, anxiety provoking, lonely, tiring, and every other emotion as well. From a weight loss and maintenance perspective, they can definitely be CHALLENGING. But they don’t have to be. Here are some thoughts on how to thrive and succeed this holiday season. [Read more]

Simple Steps to a Healthier Eating Style

When you embark on a medical weight loss plan, dietary changes are one of the immediate areas of focus. This is because when it comes to losing weight, what you eat is one of the primary components required for success. However, focusing on healthy choices doesn’t mean constantly thinking about what you can’t eat. In fact, the people who are most successful at losing weight will be those who focus more on what they can have. Being mentally positive in this simple way can really help you throughout your weight loss journey. [Read more]

Dealing with Low T

Low T, or low testosterone, is one of the more common health conditions that men will experience with age. According to a recent study out of the New England Research Institutes, it is estimated that a full quarter of men over the age of 30 show signs of Low T, but only about one in every 20 have clinical significant symptoms. [Read more]

Dora’s Gift: Food, Fitness, Family and Faith

I first met Dora Johnson in 1997. I was in my 3rd year of medical school at SUNY Upstate- pregnant with my first child. Upstate had an elective called “Maternal-Fetal Bonding”, where inner city moms were paired with a medical student to focus on bonding with their babies. As this was my first and Dora’s fourth, you can probably figure out who taught whom more. I remember Dora giving me a funny look when we were paired together. Later she told me she was thinking, “What is this young white girl gonna teach me that I don’t already know?” [Read more]

The Hormone / Depression Connection

Every year about 20 million people are diagnosed with depression in the United States. Depression is a chronic mental health disease that causes intense feelings of sadness and despair. It is often marked by inability to sleep, agitation, and loss of interest in things that you once enjoyed. Women are twice as likely to develop depression as are men, and during menopause, the risk for developing depression increases significantly. [Read more]

Finding Your Control

It isn’t always easy to put mind over matter. There are certain feelings and events that can really derail even the most positive of attitudes. Hunger is one of those feelings, as is fatigue. If all of the stress and hubbub that fills your regular life went on sabbatical during your medical weight loss program, it would be a lot easier to focus on your health and wellness goals. [Read more]

The Obesity / Cancer Connection

Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventative disease in the United States. It is a primary risk factor in numerous chronic diseases, including type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. With more than two-thirds of the adult population in the US being overweight or obese, these health concerns are becoming common knowledge. [Read more]

Happy July from Dr. Scinta

Happy July! I hope that everybody is getting out and moving during the warmer weather and especially enjoying the sunshine! I absolutely love summers in upstate New York! I hope you do too. [Read more]

Apple or Pear- It’s all Bananas

There is a lot of hype out there about the perfect body type. You can take an internet poll and compare your measurements against a chart that will tell you whether your body fits the shape of an apple more than a pear. You can then look through countless slideshows that will compare your body shape with those of celebrities whose bodies are on show for us day and night. It doesn’t take an expert to see that all of these polls and body shapes hold no medical significance. [Read more]

Hike Up the Weight Loss Benefits

Medical weight loss presents an opportunity for self-renewal. It is a chance at a fresh start with diet and exercise; a fresh start that is coupled with ongoing support, accountability and encouragement. Exercise is a fundamental component of any successful weight loss program, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend long hours at the gym. [Read more]