Yearly Archives: 2009

The Effects of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating occurs when food becomes a person’s response to certain internal or external emotional cues. Rather than sit with their emotions and the discomfort they bring, the emotional eater will eat comfort foods in an effort to distract themselves from the pain. [Read more]

Making Weight Loss Changes

Weight loss success is an elusive goal to reach. Most dieters have experienced losing weight only to regain it later and know how frustrating and demoralizing that can be. [Read more]

Manage Your Food Intake At All Different Types Of Events

Parties, barbecues and even just time spent hanging out with friends can all present a problem if you are trying to eat less. A lot of the time the foods that are around are high calorie and they can pack on extra pounds quickly if you aren’t careful. [Read more]

Staying Active On The Road

Travel can throw a curveball into your routine – but you can use that to your advantage. Instead of letting time on the road be an excuse for not being active, try to use the new surroundings to help motivate you instead. [Read more]

Healthful Snacking for Weight Loss

There are steps to healthful snacking. If you can manage calories, keep your fat intake low, avoid hidden sugars and eat healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts, you will soon feel (and see) the difference. [Read more]

Popular Nature Trails in the Central New York Area

Weight loss and exercise go hand in hand. Most of us find it challenging to fit exercise into our day, but a few hours wandering through nature trails on the weekend can go a long way toward meeting your weekly activity requirements as well as relieving some stress and spending time with family and friends. [Read more]

Popular Biking Trails in the Central New York Area

Finding an exercise program you can stick with is one of the challenges of losing weight and keeping it off. Staying motivated with your weight loss exercise program is easier if you can add variety and even a little adventure to it. [Read more]

Dr. Scinta – Summer Slacking and Weight Loss

Many people think summer is an easy time for weight loss. The weather is nice (if you’ve always wanted to live in a tropical rain forest), fresh produce is plentiful, and oh, the parties! [Read more]

Resistance Bands to Strengthen and Tone

If you want to find a way to tone and build muscle without stressing your joints as much as weights can, then resistance bands could be your solution. Resistance bands are elasticized bands that you pull apart with your hands and legs in different positions in order to gain some muscle. [Read more]

Simple Flexibility Exercises

One of the most limiting factors of being overweight and out of shape is the lack of flexibility. Having difficulty getting up and down, reaching for things and moving in general is frustrating, and can often lead to furthering the cycle of weight gain and ill health. [Read more]