Yearly Archives: 2009

Cold Weather Exercise

One of the biggest reasons for winter weight gain is that we tend to exercise less when it’s cold outside. But you don’t need to let winter weather keep you from reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. [Read more]

Heart Health Declining Once Again

Researchers at the American Heart Association are concerned that Americans are becoming less healthy and facing greater risk for heart disease.

Recent decades have focused on getting Americans to quit smoking and lower their “bad” cholesterol. [Read more]

Lighter Holiday Meals

You don’t have to give up a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet to enjoy the holidays. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare healthy holiday meals. [Read more]

Make Weight Loss A Family Affair

Childhood obesity is almost always a result of too much food and not enough physical activity. The best way to treat and prevent childhood obesity is to address the lifestyle of the entire family, rather than focusing on the choices of one child. [Read more]

Keeping Visceral Fat Away After Weight Loss

When we’re trying to lose weight, we tend to think that fat is fat. It’s all bad, and we want to get rid of as much of it as possible. [Read more]

Friendly Fruit and Veggie Tips for Kids

It’s hard enough to get fruits and vegetables into your own diet – getting your kids to eat them can be an even bigger challenge. The good news is there are ways to help your children stay open-minded about fruits and vegetables (and maybe even eat them without complaint). [Read more]

3 Fiber Products that Can Help You Lose Weight

Fiber (complex carbohydrates) is a necessary part of your daily diet for both weight loss and health reasons–but it does not actually provide any nutritional value on its own. In fact, fiber races through your body acting like the chimney sweep of your colon. [Read more]

5 Things to Do Before You Start a Medical Weight Loss Program

There are five things you should do before you start a medical weight loss program in order to secure a successful outcome. [Read more]

Tips for Eating Out

Eating out can be a real challenge if you are trying to keep your calorie count down. There are some good strategies for making the best of a restaurant menu–here are some tips to try the next time you eat out: [Read more]

5 Tips to Help You Stay Motivated While Working Out

Unless you’re a fitness nut, working out is probably not one of your favorite activities. That means that you have to work extra hard to stay focused and motivated while you work out. [Read more]