Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance programs started a little over a year ago with a request from our successful weight loss patients. These patients wanted a way to stay in touch with our practice that would include follow up weight ins, provider visits and maintenance group classes. We thought it was a great idea and our maintenance programs have taken off and they are now one of our most successful offerings.

Basic Maintenance

  • Two practice visits a year with our staff
  • Six Maintenance or Group meetings per year.
  • Nutrition allowance of $25 in food product during the year.

Premium Maintenance

  • Twelve practice visit a year alternating between a provider visit and a nurse visit.
  • Six Maintenance or Group Meetings.
  • Nutrition allowance of $25 in food product during the year.

These programs have been a great addition to our practice and have been especially helpful to our patients! We are able to stay in touch with our patients and assist when necessary if they need any additional support during maintenance. A win-win for everybody! If you would like more information about our Maintenance Programs please contact us.

Maintenance Testimonials

Lisa F – “I have made this commitment and I will stick to it”*

Lisa F Maintenance Success

I chuckled to myself a little and asked, “really?  you want to feature me?”  I feel like I am not the ideal poster child to be featured regarding the Maintenance Program but then again, I am sure I don’t feel alone on that thought.  If you have been on maintenance, you know what I mean.

I started maintenance in July of 2016 and the road I travel now is just as bumpy as the road I travelled on to get there. I have all the struggles but somewhere, somehow, I keep chugging down that road and find ways to be successful.  What we are taught by D. Scinta and her excellent staff, is essential to success. I believe her when she says, “it’s a science.”  More times than not, I struggle to log, get to a meeting or get outside for a stroll, but in the end…I will NOT quit.  Setbacks? Of course there are. But I get back on the right side of the road and continue forward down it. Trying to make the right choices, drinking water, drinking water, drinking more water and most importantly, not giving up. I guess that’s the competitor in me. I refuse to let that old part of myself be on top again because I love what I have accomplished.  I turned 50 last year too, so at this point in life, I like how I feel, I like what I am physically capable of doing and I like how I look.  AND, I am healthy!

Reaching my goal did not mean that I was “done.”  I will never be “done.” There are more things to see around the next curve in my road.  It’s important for me to stop in for a weight check every week, sit with Martha and other folks on a Saturday morning, stock up on shakes and bars for those healthy snacks, poke my head in Sam’s office to say “hi” and visit with Doc or Heidi every few weeks. I cannot be successful without their help…all of them.  I have made this commitment and I will stick to it! Sorry, MWL of NY–you are stuck with me!

Maggie B – “At dinner I fill up on more vegetables than I ever used to”*

Maggie Weight Loss Success

I have been on weight management for about six years after losing 50 pounds. Here are some tips that have worked for me! The biggest issue I feel is that once you are at your desired weight, you CANNOT go back to old habits of unhealthy eating! This will only bring those unwanted pounds back… I have also found that in keeping a routine in my eating for breakfast and lunch really helps. I will have oatmeal or a protein shake for breakfast and yogurt with fruit for lunch with some added granola! In between meals, a fruit or something healthy like a granola bar with protein keeps me balanced.

If you go for long periods of time without eating or skip a meal, you tend to get soooo hungry you will eat whatever you see and probably overeat, which defeats the whole purpose!! At dinner I fill up on more vegetables than I ever used to with the main meat. Lots of water is another important piece. This one I continue to work on.

Being mindful of your weight on a regular basis will let you know how you are doing and if you need to make some changes. Of course exercise is a must!! Whatever you are comfortable doing, try to do it every day if possible!