National Childhood Obesity Week: How to Stop Childhood Obesity

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Officials in the UK launched the National Childhood Obesity Week initiative in July to help bring attention to the growing problem of childhood obesity. Obesity organizations in the UK also hope to educate people about ways to reduce childhood obesity. Some ways to help prevent or reduce existing childhood obesity include:

  • Add more fruits and vegetables: Some experts recommend that children eat as many as 5 portions of fruits and vegetables each day. This can include fresh, frozen, dried or juiced produce, all though fruits and vegetables canned with added sugar or sodium should be avoided.
  • Remove the soda: Instead of keeping sugary soft drinks in the house, stick with water, milk and fresh fruit or vegetable juices. Having healthy alternatives available and modeling healthy behaviors makes it easier for children to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Limit screen time: Research has shown that children who have a limited amount of TV time are less likely to be overweight. Reduce time the family spends in front of TV, video games or computers and spend that time enjoying physical activity.

Although national initiatives can help bring attention to childhood obesity, parents remain the biggest influence on children’s diet and exercise habits. Setting a positive example is the best thing you can do to fight childhood obesity.


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  • Bryan says:

    Great ideas. What ever kids see they will probably eat first. Try leaving pistachios or fresh fruit out in the kitchen where the kids can see it.

    We also started a rule where kids have to earn Xbox or WII time by exercising, reading, piano or other postive sign. Read for a hour you get a half hour on the Xbox. They complained in the beginning, but it is now an official house rule-they got use to it.

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